How I Picked a Baby Car Seat for a Baby Shower

babytransitSo the time comes when friends become husband and wife and wives become mothers and you get to see their family get built from the ground up and as a good friend you have to do your part in making it a little bit safer for their tiny bundle of joy. A baby shower is inevitable for any mother who is expecting a child and baby showers come with presents and gifts for the upcoming baby. What better way to contribute in keeping their baby safe than choosing a good car seat for the child? However, it can be a little bit difficult to pick one out since there are tons out there in the market today that you can choose from. Well, here are some recommendations that you can look into to help you in narrowing down the best baby car seat.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

There will come a time that you will have to trust the car and the seat when travelling with your baby. No matter how stressful it is. You will just have to do it. But no need to worry, the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is one of the best overall choices for maintaining the balance between hassle free use, car crash protection, and car compatibility for easy fitting specifically for infants heavier than the twenty-two pound capacity. And its stylish too, so you can ride around with your baby in style. Its price tag is at around $190.

The Graco Nautilus

This baby car seat has always been so consistent on a lot of recommendation lists. Because it’s a 3 in 1 seat at a very good deal, this probably will be the last car seat that you are going to buy after your child outgrows the smaller one when they were still an infant. The straps are calibrated to take baby weights of between 20 to 70 pounds. It also easily switches from a high-back booster to a backless booster. The price tag is at $139.

Safety 1st 3 in 1 Air 80 Convertible Car Seat

This seat is full of safety technologies. For one, GCell has a patented foam for body protection for your child. Also the Air Protect advanced cushioning for safeguard your baby’s head during impact, on top of that this seat’s belt path has been color coded to make sure you will not have a hard time in installing this baby seat in your car. Price tag is at $220.

Britax B-Safe 30

It depends if you are living a jetsetter lifestyle or just going to take a family trip with the baby in tow, this baby seat will help you travel in style but also making sure your baby is safe. In this list, this has to be the lightest one you can have at only 9.5 pounds and with a width of 17.8 inches, your baby can easily fit comfortably in her seat but making sure you don’t add a lot of carrying weight. Yours for only $159.99 Britax also has some of the best strollers should you opt to get the baby a stroller instead. When carrying a baby, you will appreciate what are the benefits of exercise.

How to Exercise like an Anime Character

homefitnessintelA real hardcore anime fan, like most of us, also want to connect with the things that they like to see. In this case, to look like an anime character, to be fit, or to just workout like one. Being in shape can do a person a lot of good in their life, generally being in good shape helps you with your health, you can be more productive because you can do more in a shorter period, and that gives you more time for yourself to enjoy. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg for there are a lot more benefits to being in shape due to exercising.

Remember, to get the results you want from working out, holding your whole body in a proper posture is as important as the workout itself, and here are the benefits of doing a workout right:

  • Help you burn fat
  • If you are stressed, then this is a good stress reliever
  • Improve your health
  • Shrink your waist size

Regardless of what exercise you are doing, lunging, burpees to push ups, try these 10 form improving guidelines to maximize whatever exercise you will be doing. Also, try to do this in front of a full length mirror to make sure you keep your posture in check.

  1. Look forward at an eye level or higher to make sure your neck and shoulder aren’t rolling forward.
  2. Keep your face relaxed, calm and without any tension for it will also help you relax your body.
  3. Keep your shoulders relaxed and make sure you have your chest out.
  4. Pretend that the top of your head is being stretched by a rope to stretch out your spine and that will stop you from rolling forward
  5. Count your repetitions for every set that you make out loud; counting out will help you remember to breathe constantly.
  6. Although if you are doing a strength training, you might see yourself holding your breath
  7. Keep your abs flexed or keep them tight as much as possible to support your lower back. You can start a habit of sucking in or flexing your abs when you enter your car, a bus, train, your desk, a plane, restroom, escalator and pretty much everywhere else so this will become second nature to you and ultimately become automatic.
  8. Making sure you have your knees bent so that they will not lock.
  9. If you want to, make sure you see your hands while doing those shoulder exercises. This can help with your posture as well.
  10. Every after exercise, don’t just sit or stand in one place. Constant movement in between exercise will keep your heart rate up or better yet, move on to the next exercise immediately.

As you get closer and closer to your desired shape, go longer than harder. This means focus on cardio exercises because it’s one of the most basic exercises. An elliptical machine makes a good cardio exercise. If you’re working out at home, buying a treadmill can be one of the best investments you can make.

What Mattresses Match What Anime Character

heartlessIf you are a anime fan, then you obviously know there are a lot of anime characters out there given that there are tons of different types of anime like Shonen that are aimed towards boys under the age of fifteen, while we have Seinen that are meant for boys that are aged between fifteen to 24. Meanwhile for girls ranging from ten to eighteen we have Shojo. Then Josei for adult women and then Kodomomuke that are literally for kids. Well, if you are looking for mattress that will match a certain anime character and knowing there are a lot out there, then you will have to look into all the possible mattresses out in the market today. The number of anime characters definitely outnumber the different types of mattresses but knowing what they are might help you learn about the best mattress to buy.

Innerspring or Coil

These are the most common among all the different types of mattresses. It’s the traditional with the innerspring and this the one most people are familiar with since its first introduction in the 19th century. Up to now, these are still the most common type of mattress you will see among American homes.

Memory foam

This innovation called Memory Foam was first released back in the 90’s with the brand name TempurPedic. Interestingly, it was NASA who came up with this idea as a cushioning material that will take on the effects of the G Force sustained by astronauts during take off when going to space, they called it Visco Elastic Foam. But ultimately they realized that the technology is best used in household application. What makes this material very unique is that it contours to the shape of the user as it evenly distributes the weight across the surface of the mattress. In turn, it relieves pressure points caused by heavier parts of the body like the shoulders and hips.

Latex Mattresses

The material to make these mattresses are from the rubber tree with the scientific name Hevea Brasiliensis trees. They have been around since the 1900’s when the company Dunlop made these mattresses using a viable product. Over the years many techniques have been used to make these mattresses one of them is the Talalay process as well as developing a synthetic latex material to make these mattresses. At first it was very expensive when it came out but due to modernization of manufacturing and producing these mattresses the price has went down significantly making it more accessible to more consumers.

Specialty Mattresses

Air Beds

Every time a new bed or mattress comes out, its considered revolutionary like the air bed. They used to be called Sleep Number beds based on the popular manufacturer of these types of beds. Basically you fill them up with air and then you can adjust them depending on your preferred pressure or firmness.

Water Beds

they have been around for a long time and was first released in the 1960’s similar to the vinyl version we have today in the market.

What Crossbows to Shoot to be like an Anime Archer

heartless bestcrossbowSome anime fans out there are really trying to immerse themselves with their favorite characters. Some are warriors what wield swords and gun slinging action heroes that can be very attractive to some. Because it somehow brings their favorite characters much closer to them and they do this because it brings their characters to life through their own hobbies and activities. However in this case, it is about shooting crossbows, not the typical bows you see on mangas and anime but crossbows which is different type of weapon. So here are some recommendations on what crossbow you should buy.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit

First things first, this bow brings in an enormous bang for your buck deal. With its price tag of $158, it has traits similar to those crossbows that are $100 more expensive. With its draw weight of 175 lbs., and that is enough to shatter ribs of a full grown deer at a range of 30 yards. With its new-user friendly draw weight, most adults can easily cock it by placing their foot on the stirrup, although you can get yourself a rope or crank system to make the cocking procedure much easier if you are a beginner. Despite the fact that it has a velocity of 235 feet per second, it might not sound that impressive compared to its much more pricey equivalent, its still powerful and absolutely accurate. It makes sure you have a great experience as a beginner in hunting or just shooting practice.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package

With its velocity of 310 feet per second, 150 pound draw weight, 12” stroke and inclusives like a detachable quiver, red dot sight and the ever important bolts – all of which are from the maker, Barnett, one of the most respected and renowned crossbow manufacturers on the market out there today, all that for two hundred and eighty dollars! If you are looking for power and accuracy at an affordable price, here it is. If you are going to hunt down a deer or an elk at a range of 45 yards, then that would be no problem for this crossbow. But on the other hand, if you are just going to target shoot at a range of 100 yards that’s no problem either if your aim can handle the shot. With the included sight on the package, its still going to work well even with beginners. Also, make sure you prepare heavy and thick targets when handling the Barnett Jackal because its very powerful and will most likely destroy and low quality targets to bits very easily. That’s a pro on this cross bow, by the way. Not a con!

Arrow Precision Inferno Wildfire II

The most versatile crossbow on this list as it is always hot and a top seller on all major resellers and online dealers. Absolutely perfect for both advanced users and beginners alike, it aces pretty much all hunting needs. its arguably the fastest crossbow you will ever find in this price range. It includes a scope which is illuminated, 4 x 32 and also top of the line – surprisingly it’s the type you will expect to get from a much more expensive crossbow and on top of that, there are more accessories included in this package offered by the manufacturer, Arrow Precision; like goggles, front and rear sight and a sling. One final tiny details is that it includes a superbly detailed assembly manual that a lot of other crossbows owners can only wish to have. This has to be one of the best deals out there

How to Shoot Like an Anime Archer

heartless bestcompoundbowsAs an anime fan you get to see a lot of characters with super powers, abilities and skills that are beyond actual human skills. You tend to gravitate towards these characters due to their larger than life abilities and you are now wanting to try something more “human” but still close to what you see on mangas and on the TV screen. One of these hobbies is archery. If you know how to shoot properly and according to standards, then you are one step closer tho shooting like that favorite anime character of yours.

First step is of course finding yourself a bow that fits you and the proper equipment to go along with it. This takes you to a completely different path so do some good research and try to ask experts in stores.

There are known and trusted brands for compound bows. After getting the right equipment, now you must find a good place to shoot arrows. You can look into joining a club they have the knowledge, skill and facilities where you can shoot and some can even provide you equipment. Don’t forget, if you are trying to shoot outdoors, better check your local law offices and see if this is legal. Because it is illegal at some areas. Also there are restrictions so it is good to know all of these.

When you have everything cleared and the place is safe to shoot arrows. Now you can start shooting. Start by standing in a tree like position, fee and shoulder apart and of course, stand facing the side. Remember to be astride the shooting line. If you are right handed, have your left foot on the said line and your toes pointing towards your target and your right foot in a relaxed position. Also when pivoting, turn your whole body with your leg and not just with your leg alone.

Now make sure you hold your bow out on a right angle from the floor and directly pointed towards your target. Keep your grip on the arrow loose, with a slight bend on your elbow so you will be comfortable.

Now start drawing your bow back. Turn your head pointing to the target, at first it can be very difficult but you will get used to it eventually so don’t get demotivated.

Here you can try to put the string on your nose because it will act as an anchor and will help you improve your accuracy, this is completely optional and you have the option of not doing it. but make sure you don’t bend your neck for it can be uncomfortable and in the end will affect your accuracy.

Now look into your sight and see if your aimed properly to your target. Make sure you are centered with the target and when you know you are ready, take a deep breath at the moment you release your arrow by pulling the trigger and fluidly following through that same motion by moving your trigger hand back if you happen to have a release, or alternatively, you can just let the string slip from your fingers as you pull it backwards if you don’t have a release.