First things first, I do like to thank you for taking the time drop by my blog and especially reading my content. As you can see the content of this blog is about anime. I’m an avid fan of anime and I like to share my thoughts and ideas about it. I ready manga as much as I watch anime. I also like to incorporate my other hobbies because of course, my life just doesn’t revolved around it and I have also other stuff to do as part of my daily activities.

I thank you again for taking the time to read my content but it would also be highly appreciated if you can share your input on my blog. Put up any comments of suggestions on the comment box and I’ll make sure to reply to it as soon as I get my hands on it. I’m really pushing this idea of a healthy community within this blog so we can keep it fresh with everyone’s ideas, comments, suggestions or violent reactions.

Also I like to share that again, I am very passionate about anime and mangas. I do a lot of outdoor activities despite the common misconception that anime junkies can only stay inside and aren’t active. In fact, I like archery, exercising because I like to stay fit and in shape, I am also into sewing because I make my own cosplays and at the end of the day I make sure I have some relaxation time and do what I love to do.