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How I Picked a Baby Car Seat for a Baby Shower

So the time comes when friends become husband and wife and wives become mothers and you get to see their family get built from the ground up and as a good friend you have to do your part in making it a little bit safer for their tiny bundle of joy. A baby shower is […]

How to Exercise like an Anime Character

A real hardcore anime fan, like most of us, also want to connect with the things that they like to see. In this case, to look like an anime character, to be fit, or to just workout like one. Being in shape can do a person a lot of good in their life, generally being […]

What Mattresses Match What Anime Character

If you are a anime fan, then you obviously know there are a lot of anime characters out there given that there are tons of different types of anime like Shonen that are aimed towards boys under the age of fifteen, while we have Seinen that are meant for boys that are aged between fifteen […]

The Otaky (anime freek’s) Guide to Sewing

If you are an otaky, its obvious you are addicted to anime. You live, breathe, eat and drink anime. But sometimes reading and watching anime is not just enough. If you are ready to take it to the next level, then you will probably have to dress like one almost every day. If not, you […]

What Crossbows to Shoot to be like an Anime Archer

Some anime fans out there are really trying to immerse themselves with their favorite characters. Some are warriors what wield swords and gun slinging action heroes that can be very attractive to some. Because it somehow brings their favorite characters much closer to them and they do this because it brings their characters to life […]

How to Shoot Like an Anime Archer

As an anime fan you get to see a lot of characters with super powers, abilities and skills that are beyond actual human skills. You tend to gravitate towards these characters due to their larger than life abilities and you are now wanting to try something more “human” but still close to what you see […]