How to Shoot Like an Anime Archer

heartless bestcompoundbowsAs an anime fan you get to see a lot of characters with super powers, abilities and skills that are beyond actual human skills. You tend to gravitate towards these characters due to their larger than life abilities and you are now wanting to try something more “human” but still close to what you see on mangas and on the TV screen. One of these hobbies is archery. If you know how to shoot properly and according to standards, then you are one step closer tho shooting like that favorite anime character of yours.

First step is of course finding yourself a bow that fits you and the proper equipment to go along with it. This takes you to a completely different path so do some good research and try to ask experts in stores.

There are known and trusted brands for compound bows. After getting the right equipment, now you must find a good place to shoot arrows. You can look into joining a club they have the knowledge, skill and facilities where you can shoot and some can even provide you equipment. Don’t forget, if you are trying to shoot outdoors, better check your local law offices and see if this is legal. Because it is illegal at some areas. Also there are restrictions so it is good to know all of these.

When you have everything cleared and the place is safe to shoot arrows. Now you can start shooting. Start by standing in a tree like position, fee and shoulder apart and of course, stand facing the side. Remember to be astride the shooting line. If you are right handed, have your left foot on the said line and your toes pointing towards your target and your right foot in a relaxed position. Also when pivoting, turn your whole body with your leg and not just with your leg alone.

Now make sure you hold your bow out on a right angle from the floor and directly pointed towards your target. Keep your grip on the arrow loose, with a slight bend on your elbow so you will be comfortable.

Now start drawing your bow back. Turn your head pointing to the target, at first it can be very difficult but you will get used to it eventually so don’t get demotivated.

Here you can try to put the string on your nose because it will act as an anchor and will help you improve your accuracy, this is completely optional and you have the option of not doing it. but make sure you don’t bend your neck for it can be uncomfortable and in the end will affect your accuracy.

Now look into your sight and see if your aimed properly to your target. Make sure you are centered with the target and when you know you are ready, take a deep breath at the moment you release your arrow by pulling the trigger and fluidly following through that same motion by moving your trigger hand back if you happen to have a release, or alternatively, you can just let the string slip from your fingers as you pull it backwards if you don’t have a release.

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