How to Exercise like an Anime Character

homefitnessintelA real hardcore anime fan, like most of us, also want to connect with the things that they like to see. In this case, to look like an anime character, to be fit, or to just workout like one. Being in shape can do a person a lot of good in their life, generally being in good shape helps you with your health, you can be more productive because you can do more in a shorter period, and that gives you more time for yourself to enjoy. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg for there are a lot more benefits to being in shape due to exercising.

Remember, to get the results you want from working out, holding your whole body in a proper posture is as important as the workout itself, and here are the benefits of doing a workout right:

  • Help you burn fat
  • If you are stressed, then this is a good stress reliever
  • Improve your health
  • Shrink your waist size

Regardless of what exercise you are doing, lunging, burpees to push ups, try these 10 form improving guidelines to maximize whatever exercise you will be doing. Also, try to do this in front of a full length mirror to make sure you keep your posture in check.

  1. Look forward at an eye level or higher to make sure your neck and shoulder aren’t rolling forward.
  2. Keep your face relaxed, calm and without any tension for it will also help you relax your body.
  3. Keep your shoulders relaxed and make sure you have your chest out.
  4. Pretend that the top of your head is being stretched by a rope to stretch out your spine and that will stop you from rolling forward
  5. Count your repetitions for every set that you make out loud; counting out will help you remember to breathe constantly.
  6. Although if you are doing a strength training, you might see yourself holding your breath
  7. Keep your abs flexed or keep them tight as much as possible to support your lower back. You can start a habit of sucking in or flexing your abs when you enter your car, a bus, train, your desk, a plane, restroom, escalator and pretty much everywhere else so this will become second nature to you and ultimately become automatic.
  8. Making sure you have your knees bent so that they will not lock.
  9. If you want to, make sure you see your hands while doing those shoulder exercises. This can help with your posture as well.
  10. Every after exercise, don’t just sit or stand in one place. Constant movement in between exercise will keep your heart rate up or better yet, move on to the next exercise immediately.

As you get closer and closer to your desired shape, go longer than harder. This means focus on cardio exercises because it’s one of the most basic exercises. An elliptical machine makes a good cardio exercise. If you’re working out at home, buying a treadmill can be one of the best investments you can make.

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