The Otaky (anime freek’s) Guide to Sewing

heartless sosewsiteIf you are an otaky, its obvious you are addicted to anime. You live, breathe, eat and drink anime. But sometimes reading and watching anime is not just enough. If you are ready to take it to the next level, then you will probably have to dress like one almost every day. If not, you can do it on events like “cons”. Dressing like an anime character is not easy because their costumes are colorful, very intricate, highly-detailed and even sometimes will take a lot of time to make. Sure, there are costumes out there that can be bought RTW (ready to wear) but if you want to be unique and be a cut above the rest, some otaky’s out there decide to make their own costumes on their own. So if you decide to make them on your own, you have to learn how to sew. Here is a quick starter guide when you’re just starting out to learn how to sew and the things that you need to consider.

So basically here are the things that you need to start sewing:

Needles – there are a few types of needles out there contrary to common knowledge. You have to have sharps for basic sewing. Betweens for quilting. Embroidery or crewel needles have a much bigger eye (its where you put the thread in on the top of the needle) and are used for much thicker threads for different tasks like embroidery or upholstery.

Pincushions and Pins – you will probably have to pin almost everything you sew to keep the material from falling off or going into different positions. However, a pin cushion will keep your pins in order and tidy.

Scissors – a good person who likes to sew must have a good pair of scissors or shears (better look into scissors with names like “dressmaking shears”) and don’t forget to grab yourself a pair of pinking shears. Pinking shears have small triangular teeth on the blade that cuts the blade in such a way that it will decrease unraveling on the fabric. Smaller scissors for small embroidery will also work just fine in cutting threads.

Measuring tape – obviously it will be used for measuring. Length of thread, material and everything else in between.

Water or air Soluble marking pens – these are absolutely perfect for embroidery and also if you are using patterns on your fabric and you have to draw on them, these can be the perfect markers for you.

Seam Ripper – if you are just starting out in sewing, you will probably commit mistakes here and there. So don’t worry, as long as you have a seam ripper. The correcting and removing stitches will be easier. So don’t forget to get one before starting out.

Beeswax – this might sound odd to have as part of a sewing kit. But this is how it works, when you run your thread over the beeswax, it will make sure the thread had a nice coat and at the same time it will keep it from unraveling and make it even stronger compared to a stitch without beeswax.

If you’ll be doing this more than once, you might want to get yourself a trusty sewing machine. Learn about the latest and best sewing machines in the market. The good thing about sewing machines is that there are products that are friendly to beginners.

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