What Mattresses Match What Anime Character

heartlessIf you are a anime fan, then you obviously know there are a lot of anime characters out there given that there are tons of different types of anime like Shonen that are aimed towards boys under the age of fifteen, while we have Seinen that are meant for boys that are aged between fifteen to 24. Meanwhile for girls ranging from ten to eighteen we have Shojo. Then Josei for adult women and then Kodomomuke that are literally for kids. Well, if you are looking for mattress that will match a certain anime character and knowing there are a lot out there, then you will have to look into all the possible mattresses out in the market today. The number of anime characters definitely outnumber the different types of mattresses but knowing what they are might help you learn about the best mattress to buy.

Innerspring or Coil

These are the most common among all the different types of mattresses. It’s the traditional with the innerspring and this the one most people are familiar with since its first introduction in the 19th century. Up to now, these are still the most common type of mattress you will see among American homes.

Memory foam

This innovation called Memory Foam was first released back in the 90’s with the brand name TempurPedic. Interestingly, it was NASA who came up with this idea as a cushioning material that will take on the effects of the G Force sustained by astronauts during take off when going to space, they called it Visco Elastic Foam. But ultimately they realized that the technology is best used in household application. What makes this material very unique is that it contours to the shape of the user as it evenly distributes the weight across the surface of the mattress. In turn, it relieves pressure points caused by heavier parts of the body like the shoulders and hips.

Latex Mattresses

The material to make these mattresses are from the rubber tree with the scientific name Hevea Brasiliensis trees. They have been around since the 1900’s when the company Dunlop made these mattresses using a viable product. Over the years many techniques have been used to make these mattresses one of them is the Talalay process as well as developing a synthetic latex material to make these mattresses. At first it was very expensive when it came out but due to modernization of manufacturing and producing these mattresses the price has went down significantly making it more accessible to more consumers.

Specialty Mattresses

Air Beds

Every time a new bed or mattress comes out, its considered revolutionary like the air bed. They used to be called Sleep Number beds based on the popular manufacturer of these types of beds. Basically you fill them up with air and then you can adjust them depending on your preferred pressure or firmness.

Water Beds

they have been around for a long time and was first released in the 1960’s similar to the vinyl version we have today in the market.

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